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About Harsh Music

Harsh Music Company exists to create the best possible soundtrack to all visual interactive and non interactive media. We provide music solution to advertisers and brands. Our second area of focus is in film, trailer and game music

Inspired by Water

DJ tools - Harsh Music Ccompany

Like water, great music simply flows, in and around and brings forth life. Water can be solid, liquid or gas. Hot, cold or ice and it can burn, cool down, and freeze.

A soundtrack or supporting music to any project should trigger those same states in the form of emotions. Great soundtrack not only helps set the stage for the experience but also pushes back barriers still yet maintaining a sense of "now" thus creating a timeless character for your Commercial, Film, Trailer or Game. At Harsh Music, we create music that flows and breathes life into your projects.


Finding the right music for your project should be a fun experience. You should be part of the process

Our services help you eliminate the time spent on royalty free music sites going through countless tracks just to settle for one that may not perfectly fit your project.

Why not stand out?

We personalize the process and create a specific sound for your brand.

Our revise to fit service provides an extra layer of customization for music offered in our One Click music shop.



Branded Music for your company & Products

We believe that your brand should be remembered by anyone who's watched or listened to your commercial just once.

 - Branded Music



Future Music for Film, Trailers and Games

We love making film music! But... we can't Stop making film music with a twist!

Combining genres is what we do best. We would love to create your next Film, Trailer and Game Score. Your audience will love it!


Giving Back

We believe in giving back and working toward making a real difference in our local community and around the world.

That is why we donate a portion of our profits to help fund projects that we are directly involved in to better the human condition all around the world.